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International Cargo Transportation and Freight Forwarding Agreement

Last Update: 16 August 2021.

Changes were made to the following paragraphs: 3;

"USA2GEORGIA LLC" hereby mentioned as Freight Forwarding Company or the freight forwarder, web page:, telephone: (+99532) 42-18-18, address: 91 Vaja-Pshavela ave. Tbilisi, Georgia

And the customer: private or juridical person, who uses the "USA2GEORGIA LLC" services and has been assigned a five digit account number, which is indicated in a package's enclosed commercial invoice, customs documents and in the database of USA2GEORGIA:

1. Subject of agreement

1.1. The subject of the agreement is the transportation of goods ordered by customer and received by the freight forwarder, from the company's warehouse (which is located in USA, Delaware, DE) to Georgia, that would be carried out on behalf of the freight forwarder and at the customer's expense. 

1.2. Registration is free and voluntary with the company "USA2GEORGIA". The customer can register online on the web page Service conditions are public. Using the company's service itself means that the customer has read and agrees with all conditions of usage. 

2. Transportation cost, package weight rounding and payment

2.1. USA2GEORGIA Shipping cost is $8 per 1 kg gross weight. Packages weighting 20kg or more by Dim weight are calculated by Dim and Gross weights, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight formula is the following: Dim Weight (kg) = Length (cm) X Width (cm) X Height (cm) / 6000. Shipping fee must be paid in GEL, according to TBC Bank's exchange rate at the time of payment.

2.2. Payment is accepted only by the specified methods noted on the web site or the customer should expect delays in package delivery.

2.3. The weight is rounded to 100 grams.

2.4. The payment must be made within 30 days, after package arrival. In case of payment delay, goods would bear a storage commission 1$ / kg.

2.5. The customer shall pay the transportation cost according to the invoice sent by freight forwarder, which is calculated individually for each package.

2.6. Getting of any individual package is locked in case of debt on customer's account. All outstanding invoices must be paid first, to back the account in good standing and unlock the permission of getting packages.

2.7. USA2GEORGIA has rights to stop packages received in US with chargeable weight of over 10kg without pre-payment from customer

3. Package resizing/cut down service 

3.1. We do not cut-down packages or reduce the package in size. Instead, you will be billed by gross weight for any packages up to 20kg per dimensional weight.

4. Customer is obliged to:

4.1. Provide, in a timely manner, the corresponding documentation of goods purchased, to give necessary instructions for preparing the forwarding documents, in addition present notifications to execute customs clearance and other actions. Additionally, the customer is required to present the freight forwarder all necessary authentication documents.

4.2. Notify the forwarder in advance of the shipment of dangerous goods or products, the exact type of danger the product presents, and include information about safety measures.

4.3. Dangerous goods may be unloaded or destroyed any time and in any place, without subsequent damage compensation, if the forwarder is not informed about the danger in advance.

4.4. To ensure that the package is wrapped according to its transportation requirements.

5. Courier Service

5.1. Customers may use the following courier services: Express courier service - throughout Tbilisi and standard courier service in the regions. Courier service is provided by "Information Communications Systems" Ltd.

5.2. Express Courier service fee for up to 10 kg and any quantities packages delivered to one customer is 3 GEL. From 10 kg to 20 kg packages - 6 GEL. If the weight of the package exceeds 20 kg, the service fee is calculated by the rate of 0.80 GEL per kg. (e.g. if the package weighs 21.8 kg, the weight of the parcel shall be rounded to 22 kg and multiplied by 0.80 GEL). To order the express courier service, the request must be made by clicking the button "Courier service" in the package control panel section. Courier service is available from Mondays to Saturdays. The approximate delivery time of the package is 2 working days.

5.3. Courier service is available from Mondays to Fridays in the regions (Batumi, Khashuri, Poti, Gori, Gurjaani, Kaspi, Kareli, Kutaisi, Sagarejo, Sighnaghi, Telavi, Tskaltubo, Zestaponi, Martvili, Abasha, Baghdatis, Gardabani, Lanchkhuti, Marneuli, Mtskheta, Rustavi Samtredia, Vani, Khoni, Zugdidi, Senaki, Lagodekhi, Ambrolauri, Kvareli, Shuakhevi, Chkhorotsku, Tianeti, Kharagauli, Khelvachauri, Khobi, Tetritskaro, Sachkhere, Terjola, Bolnisi, Oni, Chiatura, Dmanisi, Tsalenjikha, Tsalenjikha, B Tkibuli, Keda, Stepantsminda, Tsageri, Akhmeta, Aspindza, Khulo, Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Ninotsminda, Chokhatauri, Tsalka, Adigeni, Dedoplistskaro, Dusheti). Regional Courier service is provided at the request of the customer from the package control panel section. Regional courier service fee for up to 10 kg and any quantities packages delivered to one customer is 10 GEL From 10 kg to 20 kg packages - 6 GEL. If the weight of the package exceeds 20 kg, the service fee is calculated by the rate of 0.80 GEL per kg. (e.g. if the package weighs 21.8 kg, the weight of the package shall be rounded to 22 kg and multiplied by 0.80 GEL). The approximate delivery time of the package is 3-5 working days.

5.4. In order to get the courier service, it is necessary to be paid all pending invoices in advance and add the courier service fee to the balance.

5.5. The courier delivers the package to the address registered in the system by the customer and only once.

5.6. The address may be changed from the website prior to the package arrival. Otherwise, the package shall not be delivered to the revised address.

5.7. Address change and redirection to the different office by telephone or the oral agreement shall not be allowed.

5.8. The courier delivers the package only to the ground floor of the indicated address.

5.9. Before the arrival at the address, the courier calls the customer to the indicated number in the user's profile and informs him/her of the delivery. If the customer could not be reached within a few minutes due to the fault of a customer or any telecommunication company, the courier returns the package to the branch and the customer shall be obliged to pick up the package on his/her own.

5.10. To receive the package, the customer shall present an ID card, passport, or other official document proving his identity (No photocopies are accepted). The names on the document and on the package must coincide. In case a package is received by a different person, he/she shall also present an identification document.

5.11. If the customer wishes to pick up the package from the office, he/she may select "pickup from branch” option in the package control panel section. It is necessary to indicate this preference prior to the arrival of the package in Georgia; Otherwise, the change shall not be considered.

5.12. The delivery of the package shall be confirmed by presenting the customer’s ID or passport and signing on a paper based or electronic form by him/her.

6. The package may be given to the third person only if he/she is able to present the following documents:

6.1. The recipient's identification card or the passport with the payment bill.

6.2. Or the power of attorney, the identification card of the person who is going to take the package, and the payment bill.

7. Air flight schedule, payment, and package receiving conditions

7.1. USA Warehouse is opened from Monday to Friday. A package will be sent to Georgia on the next business day after it is received at the USA warehouse.

7.2. The average transportation duration is 7-10 days.

7.3. The transportation invoice is issued as soon as the package arrives in Tbilisi.

7.4. The mentioned air flight schedule is not fixed and the company is not responsible for flight delays in force majeure situation (for example bad weather conditions or flight delay or changes by airline company etc.)

7.5. Terms for Will Call Service at USA2GEORGIA Branches

7.5.1. Only packages under 300 GEL are eligible for Will Call service at Branch Locations;

7.5.2. Branch Location select option is available within 2 days of shipment departure;

7.5.3. Non-Declared packages or packages subject to custom clearance can not be transferred at Branch location;

7.5.4. Using of Courier Service is limited to packages stored at Branch location;

7.5.5. An automatic forwarding will not apply on transit packages with HAWB Shipment number already assigned.

7.6. Terms of Self Service Terminal

7.6.1. USA2GEORGIA Self Service machine is an electronic device, that permits customers to receive the parcel by using 10 digit Terminal Code;

7.6.2. 10 digit Terminal Code is sent by Short Message or E-mail to customers only;

7.6.3. Customer is responsibly to keep the valid phone number under the USA2GEORGIA Profile. In case of phone number change, it should be updated immediately with the new valid number;

7.6.4. Customer is responsibly to keep the Terminal Code safely and prevent its lose;

7.6.5. The Terminal Code is sent to customer after an invoice is paid;

7.6.6. In case of Terminal code loss or its unauthorized disclosure, customer is obliged to immediately notify USA2GEORGIA about that and request blocking of the Terminal Code;

7.6.7. In case of Terminal Code loss, customer is still able to receive parcels with an operator;

7.6.8. Self Service Terminal operates at all Branch Locations of USA2GEORGIA;

7.6.9. The Self Service Terminal is activated automatically for all USA2GEORGIA Customer;

7.6.10. In order to receive the parcel, customer should type the 10 digit Terminal Code on the touch screen. Terminal code is sent to customer after the shipment arrives;

7.6.11. Customer is not required to provide an ID or confirm receipt by signature while using the Self Service Terminal;

7.6.12. Receiving of package at Self Service terminal by third parties is possible with the proper authorization of package consignee only;

7.6.13. Package Consignee is responsibly for sharing the Terminal Code to third parties while USA2GEORGIA takes no responsibility when such instance occurs;

7.6.14. In case of any difficulties with receiving the parcel at Self Service Terminal, customer should immediately notify an operator at USA2GEORGIA;

7.6.15. Packages subject to custom clearance can not be received at Self Service Terminal.

8. Risk Free ShippingTerms

8.1. In order to get an extra protection on package shippings, it is necessary that relevant Risk Free Shipping field is checked in the Package Management Panel. Checking or canceling the Risk Free Shipping field will not affect the packages for which the transportation invoices have already been written out.

8.1. Risk Free Shipping fully covers a package loss, sent by any parties, individuals, from Ebay, used or new product.

8.3. Risk Free Shipping will not cover the damage of following packages: sent by a private person, ordered via Ebay or other auctions, repaired or used products, packages that arrived in USA without tracking codes and have acquired USA2GEORGIA generated tracking codes.

8.4. The Risk Free Shipping cost is 1% of the amount indicated by a customer during package declaration. It is to be paid together with the transportation invoice or deducted from Risk Free Shipping premium

8.5. Risk Free Shipping covers the protection of packages against external damages or losses. The service does not include the validity or workability inspection of products within the package.

8.6. Fragile products (e.g. glass, monitor, tableware, porcelain, chandelier, and etc) will not be covered by Risk Free Shipping premium if package box does not have any visual signs of damages. In cases when the package content is partially damaged (glass, monitor, and etc is broken, cracked) and at the same time the package itself remains unimpaired externally, the recipient (owner) must pay the transportation costs and check out the package. Otherwise the company leaves the right to cancel the services between the mentioned customer and the company USA2GEORGIA provided that the service will never be resumed.

8.7. Risk Free Shipping premium is limited by the value of the product indicated in the document proving the purchase and does not exceed the amounted declared by the customer. 

8.8. In order to get Risk Free Shipping premium in case of damages it is necessary that the customer presents the document proving the purchase of the product together with the tracking code acquired by the postal service in the USA confirming that the product has been purchased in a store, was new and unopened.

8.9. If the package is lost or damaged the paying out of the Risk Free Shipping premium will be made within 14 calendar days after the flight arrival.

8.10. Unless otherwise disclaimed by customer as a written notice to USA2GEORGIA in advance to Invoice bill, packages with declared value of $500 USD or more are subject to automatic Risk Free Shipping, which is included under USA2GEORGIA transportation service invoice as an additional charge to customer.

8.11. In order to get Risk Free Shipping premium in case of package disappearing, it is necessary that the customer adds the package Tracking number to USA2GEORGIA account and mark the checkbox for Risk Free Shipping, before package delivered to USA2GEORGIA warehouse. Only valid USPS, Fedex, UPS tracking delivery information will be considered as a proof of delivery, including delivery date.

8.12. The package shall be regarded delivered at the address only if it has a “delivered” status on the postal company’s website and delivery is confirmed with the relevant document. The document shall have the signature made mechanically on the paper or electronic device - by the authorized people - JCLEMONS or Z.Z. Please consider that the signature dialed like symbols on electronic devices shall not be deemed relevant. The proof of delivery can be requested from the seller, and the seller, by his/her side, shall demand the document in question from the local postal companies (ups, USPS, FedEx, etc.).

9. Customs clearance:

9.1. Product declaration (indication of the shipper, product type, code and price) on USA2GEORGIA web page is required. The customer is responsible for the declaration correctness and validity of the information.

9.2. The cost of document handling for custom clearance is 12 GEL per each declaration.

9.3. The customer is responsible for customs clearance procedures; freight forwarder will assist the customer in using simplified customs procedures.

9.4. Pay the transportation invoice to USA2GEORGIA before initiating customs clearance procedures within two days after receiving notice.

9.5. If customs fines USA2GEORGIA because of the customer's service condition failure, USA2GEORGIA retains the right to require the customer to pay said fine.

9.6. To make the custom clearence, non Georgian citizens will need a fiscal number which he/she may get at the ministry of revenues.

10. Restricted Items

10.1. See Restricted Items list. If the customer sends prohibited product(s), USA2GEORGIA is not responsible for the transportation of such goods to Georgia or for their confiscation by foreign customs.

10.2. If the customer sends prohibited product(s) to the USA address, the company will not take responsibility for returning said product(s) to the seller or private person. The above mentioned violation is considered a service condition breach and would cause the immediate service termination and legal sanctions, to be determined according to the material losses of USA2GEORGIA.

11. Miscellaneous rules and restrictions

11.1. Any form of slang, use of unethical or insulting terminology, by e-mail, telephone, chat, or by personal interaction with employees, as well as speaking in loud voice, tone raising, shouting, ironic or sarcastic expressions, will automatically cause the termination of USA2GEORGIA services without future renewal opportunity.

11.2. All information and conditions that are posted on the USA2GEORGIA web-page, including texts from frequently asked questions and service conditions, are real and represent an indivisible part of the current agreement. Our service conditions are considered as agreement between the company and the customer, from the moment of its introduction to customer, on the company's web-page by clicking the appropriate "agree" button.

11.3. USA2GEORGIA takes no responsibility for the transportation of packages from USA to Georgia if customer makes a mistake and doesn't indicate his USA address correctly. The change of address from the customer's side is forbidden and should be entered with the greatest exactness, as it's indicated in customer's account and also in the letter, received after registration.

11.4. USA2GEORGIA takes responsibility only for those services that are specifically mentioned on the service condition page.

11.5. USA2GEORGIA has the right to record interaction with the customer, using all types of internet, telecommunications, and video monitoring equipment, including, for example, saved emails and recorded telephone conversations that the company may use to defend its own interests in case of legal disputes.

11.6. The customer agrees that all the documentation (identification card, passport or payment bill) is real and the entire responsibility for its validity relies on the customer.

11.7. The customer's personal information is confidential. USA2GEORGIA will not provide these documents to a third party, without the customer's explicit permission.

11.8.  An empty inbox accounts with no incoming package activity within 3 month will be terminated.

11.9. USA2GEORGIA has the right to change the service conditions after informing customer, and regardless of his assent. 

11.10. Other terms of current agreement are regulated by current Georgian country law.

11.11. Any Promotional discounts or special discounts promoted by USA2GEORGIA before 14 July of 2011 are no longer valid.